I first became seriously interested in learning the art of mehndi in 2006, during my first trip to India. Enchanted by the beauty of the traditional designs, I observed and experienced the ways henna is used in India, and I returned to Texas determined to master the technique. Before the end of 2007, I had passed the ICNHA certification test and was working at local art events and fundraisers. Since that first trip in 2006, I have returned to India three times, each time gaining more insight into this fascinating social ritual. I continue to “do henna” by appointment, at art events, for parties, weddings, and fundraisers.

Recently I’ve moved from Abilene to Odessa, so Henna Abilene has become Henna Texas! I’m excited to be in a new place and look forward to sharing my designs with this corner of Texas.


Amanda at henna fundraiser – 2007

Amanda at art show henna booth – 2018